Sparkshire Web Designs & Graphics, LLC

The Web is Changing...

It used to be that having a simple website was enough. Today the internet has become the primary resource for many people looking for information on businesses and services. Web technologies are constantly changing to facilitate the creation of increasingly sophisticated and intuitive sites that will meet the growing demands of internet users and the growing competition for internet users' attention. Intuitive design, search engine position, accessibility, fresh content and the ability to interact with the user have become the basics for an effective web presence.

A site on the internet is no longer just a billboard on the web that hopefully will attract potential customers, it has become an integral part of a company's marketing plan. Today, a web site is often the first contact (and perhaps the only contact) that is made with a potential customer or client. Customers have come to expect a business to have a web site and to be able to do research about a company, product or service from the comfort of their home or office.

Whether you are new to the internet or need an upgrade to keep up with the times, we can help you put together a site that is both attractive and functional. A site that will give your visitors the information they want and that can result in additional business for your company.

July 19, 2024