Getting Started

The first steps

checkbox Select a host for your site. If you need help in finding a host or sorting out what options you need for your site, we can assist you in assessing your needs.
checkbox Register a domain name ( Many hosting companies will handle this for you.

What we need in addition to the content for your site:

checkbox 25-50 word description of your site. This is what will show up as the summary in search results.
checkbox List of keywords relating to your site. Be sure to include common misspellings, but do not include copywritten or trademark brand names unless you have permission to use them.
checkbox Your privacy policy regarding what information you collect from visitors and how it is used.
checkbox The server location for your domain name, along with your user name and password so we can upload files to your site (Your domain name host probably sent you an e-mail with this info)
checkbox Try to put together an outline showing the pages you want in your site and their relationship to the layout of the site. This will be discussed when preparing the estimate for your site.
checkbox Copyright notice. This could be similar to the one used on this site. You may need to add additional info if you are using content you have permission to use but for which you do not own the copyright.
checkbox A clean copy of your company logo, if applicable. If you do not have one, we can design one. See the Logo Design section for more information.

About your Design:

checkbox Decide what colors you want to use for the site.
checkbox Determine the style you want the site to reflect.
checkbox If you wish to use photographs, graphics, or other media created by a third party, you are responsible for obtaining the necessary rights to use these items on your site.

Submitting content:

checkbox Text can be submitted as files or hard copy. If submitting files, they can be either plain text files or formatted document files (i.e. Microsoft Word). If you want the text to look a certain way, it is best to submit formatted text files and we will do our best to replicate that look in the web page. If a hard copy of the content is submitted, you will be charged for the time required to enter the information.
checkbox It is preferred that photographs and graphics be submitted in an uncompressed image file format, such as .png or .tif, and that the images have not been resized, if possible. Files that have been converted to .jpg or .gif or have been resized can be used, but often quality has been lost, and it can not be reversed.

Other Information

checkbox If you have any questions about the listing above or about other content, we will be happy to answer your questions.