Basic Site Features

A basic web site includes the following:

  • Custom designed template with coordinated graphics
  • Graphics optimized for fast loading time without sacrificing quality
  • Pages designed for cross browser compatibility
  • Easy navigation
  • META tags on all pages for optimal search engine results
  • All HTML and CSS code checked using the W3C validator for code accuracy 

Additional items that can be added to the basic site package:

  • Photo scanning
  • Photo enhancement
  • Photo special effects (borders, special shapes, etc.)
  • Inclusion of third party Java applets, CGI
  • Feedback form
  • Logo design
  • graphics for special occasions
  • Award submission
  • Macromedia Flash Intro or animation
  • Specialized JavaScript or Perl scripts (i.e. site or product search engines, form processing, calculators, etc.)
  • Site maintenance