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We believe that a person has a right to visit our site without having their privacy violated. We do not collect personal information or e-mail addresses from our visitors. Our host server does log IP addresses of each of our visitors, but does not collect personal information. Polls and other scripts that appear on this site may log IP addresses only to prevent duplicate voting and to supply statistics. These IP addresses are deleted periodically. Any personal information supplied to us via e-mail is for our use only and will never be sold or given to third parties.

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All of the pages in this site have disabled the parsing of Microsoft® Smart Tags. Smart Tags is a technology included in OfficeXP and Internet Explorer 6. In Internet Explorer, this technology enables the browser to add links in the page text without the knowledge of this site or the user. These links may be to Microsoft® advertisers, partners, or anywhere. Because we do not feel that anyone has a right to alter our site content without our consent, we have disabled the parsing of Smart Tags.

For more information on protecting your privacy while surfing the internet, see our Privacy Protection section.