Building a site that looks good is only part of building a quality site. We believe, that for a site to be effective, it should also have the following qualities:


checkmark The site needs to be easy to use, even for those that are new to the internet.
checkmark The site should be easy to find. This means optimizing the code to ensure that search engines accurately classify the site and place it as high in the results as possible.
checkmark The design should be intuitive, so the information that users will most commonly want is easy and quickly obtained.
checkmark It should download quickly for everyone, not just those that have a broadband connection.
checkmark The site should display properly and consistently in all commonly used browsers, not just the most recent versions.
checkmark Graphics should complement the content and be unobtrusive. They should be optimized to load quickly, but not to the point that their quality is compromised.
checkmark Site content needs to be kept fresh. The site should be easy to update and maintain.